Friday, April 4, 2014

Life is good.

Life is good.  This contradicts the first line of the M. Scott Peck's book The Road Less Traveled.  I don't want to repeat that line here because I don't like the mindset that it gives. My business mentors and my life mentors would often tell me that everything is just matter of mindset. As Juliet van Ruyven, the renowned author of the bestselling book The Tale of Juliet, puts it, we should "protect our mindset" and "install in our mind simple but transformational beliefs" for us to succeed.  Thank you very much, my dear mentors and friends!

Life is good.  Today I went to visit my new friend, and I was able to make a sale.  My intention of going there was just to ask for some referrals to my business--- she might know of some people who might want to be give priority to their health and my products can help them.  But she ended up choosing the products that she needs. Thanks SRV!

Life is good.  I had a very good late night dinner with our friend for 20 years.  He called me up earlier and invited us to dinner to celebrate HRY's birthday.  We had hearty pizza at Chef Arnold's, a hole in the wall pizza resto in Mandaluyong City. Thank you, AVM!

Life is good.  Yesterday was the birthday of my best friend, my number 1 fan, my critique, my consoler, my stabilizer, my shock absorber, my counselor, and my lifetime partner.  We enjoyed each other's company during the day --- he accompanied me to a graduation ceremony in which I was a special guest and had a very simple dinner in the evening with a friend. It was always a delight because he has simple wants and likes.  Thank you very much, HRY! Life indeed is good with you around.

I hope everything is good with you, too.  No matter where you are or what you're going through, always remember that Life is good.  It's just a matter of mindset.  Count your blessings and surely you will also say LIFE IS GOOD!