Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My best friend is here.

Lydia, the one in red shirt (with her family is the US)

Yes, she is home. She arrived last Saturday from Florida. And I was so surprised!

Lydia and I have been friends for almost two decades now. We've been together for the many ups and downs in our lives. Before she went to the States, we were almost always together. I had the habit of sleeping over at her place and we would talk and giggle for almost anything and everything that was happening in our lives. She loves me unconditionally, and she accepts me for what I am. And I love her, too. That's why I was so ecstatic when she texted me that she's home.

Unlike a couple of people I know who tend to forget once they get to the US, Lydia has never forgotten. She never forgets to get in touch.

Lydia is a sister to me. And I strongly believe that God has designed it that way. We met each other and eventually became friends soon after the untimely death of my only sister. Since I believe that everything happens for a reason, my conviction is that she is the sister that God has given me.

Now, I am more than happy to see her after 10 years. I am happy to see her now married to the man who loves her. And I am excited for another sleepover that I would do at her place just before she leaves for the US next week.

I am excited! I am giddy! I am ecstatic!

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